Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! I invite you to take a close look at my portraits.

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, I have gained years of experience by copying paintings at the National Museum of Warsaw.

I have brushed oil portraits of adults and children from Poland, Austria, Ireland and Germany. My forté is using classic European painting techniques, developed by the great Flemish masters during the Renaissance and used until the 19th century. Some of the portraits you see below were commissioned as surprise gifts - clients asked to be portrayed in historical costumes. I also paint portraits in a more modern style as is shown in one below. Alternatively, I make copies of paintings selected by clients. Depending on the portrait’s size and degree of difficulty, it takes from one to three months to paint a portrait or a copy.

Orders from an existing portrait or a copy are more than acceptable. I will gladly propose details that we may agree on by telephone, via mail, or at a one-on-one conference. I am also willing to answer questions on my blog.

While on the project, I am happy to photograph and send periodic e-mails to the client showing the work in progress.

In the case of orders anywhere else but Warsaw, or other countries, I’ll arrange to send the finished painting by courier.

Clicking on the photos below will enlarge each image.

My e-mail:

Yours sincerely,
Barbara Rettinger


                                      Maciej Puczynski, Poland                             Mikolaj Puczynski, Poland

                           Aleksandra Hinckfus, Poland                              Mikolaj Hinckfus, Poland

                           Count Krzysztof Potocki, Poland                           Ksawery Wieczorkowski-Rettinger, Poland
                           George O'Rourke, France

Olivier Lis, United Kingdom

Mrs. Hatschek, Austria


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